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Pumpkin Carving Decorating Kits

Buck Teeth

Pumpkin Masters® Buck Teeth are the fast and easy way to bring character to any pumpkin. Simply use a Pumpkin Masters® carving tool to carve a “smile” into your pumpkin. Next, gently push in the pumpkin teeth to create a wickedly awesome display piece. Kids will love how easy it is to create a smiling pumpkin masterpiece in minutes!

Wicked Witch

Pumpkin Masters® Wicked Witch Face Insert Carving Kit adds a fun NEW way to make your pumpkin spooky. Includes With an easy-to-attach insert, just carve around the insert and pins for an amazing pumpkin.

Floating Skull

Pumpkin Masters® Floating Skull Pumpkin Decoration Kit helps you create your own floating Skull illusion. Simply carve your pumpkin with Pumpkin Masters® saw and “Scraper Scoop”. Then attach the Floating Skull cutout to make your pumpkin spookier than ever.

USP 10,415,817

Day of the Dead Decorating Kit

Eight intricate patterns for those who love to carve skulls, words and detailed designs.

Emoji Pumpkins Decorating Kit

Create fun, Emoji-inspired pumpkins easily with Pumpkin Masters Emoji Decorating Kit. The kit includes simple patterns, paint, and stickers that allow you to create an Emoji pumpkin that is sure to give your guests a good laugh.

Trick or Tweet Decorating Kit

Keep your pumpkins #trendy with our Trick or Tweet Pumpkin Decorating Kit. Includes 6 sticker sheets, and is #easyaspie to assemble.

Black Cat Push-ins & Pumpkin Stand

Pumpkin Masters Black Cat Pumpkin Stand is a quick & easy way to transform an ordinary pumpkin into a whimsical black cat decoration! It’s perfect as a front door decoration and adds character & entertainment to your pumpkin.

Jack o’Lantern Teeth

Create a funny Jack ‘oLantern in minutes with Pumpkin Masters Jack o’Lantern Teeth! Simply carve a mouth in your pumpkin, insert the pumpkin teeth, and watch your creation come to life.