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Pumpkin Carving Power Tools

Luminary Power Drill

Transform an ordinary pumpkin into an extraordinary pumpkin luminary in minutes with Pumpkins Masters Luminary Power Drill. Simply attach one of the included drill bits, and create holes in your pumpkin to achieve whatever design you desire. Place your pumpkin over a battery-operated light and watch it come to life!

Pumpkin Gutting Tool

Gut your pumpkin even faster with our Pumpkin Gutting Tool. Simply attach to any conventional power drill and de-seed your pumpkin in minutes.

Power Saw

Having a hard time following crazy intricate patterns? Not anymore! The Power Saw has an easy-grip design that allows you to carve pumpkins like you never have before! With interchangeable blades and an on/off trigger-the saw allows for maximum control and comfort causing your pumpkin carving to look perfect every time!