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Safety Tips

pumpkin_carving_halloween_kids_safetySafer Than Kitchen Knives

In addition to having fun, the most important thing to remember when carving a pumpkin is safety. Using household kitchen knives can be very dangerous. That’s why we recommend using a carving tool specially designed for kids.

The Pumpkin Masters’ DuraSaw® makes carving pumpkins easier and safer than knives. When using this product, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and discuss safety with your child. Keep in mind, any carving saw can cause injury if used carelessly or contrary to instructions.

Children can participate in the Pumpkin Masters® process in many ways; however, only parents can determine whether their children have the skill level and patience required to use the tools safely. As a general rule, children must be 6 years or older to use our carving products. Parents, if they allow their children to use the tools, must supervise closely and assume all risk of injury.

Safer Than Candles

Choosing a battery operated light is a safer option when lighting your pumpkin. Unattended candles are not safe and burn through quickly. With a battery operated light, not only are you being safe, you can achieve lighting effects not available from a candle. This includes multiple color effects, strobe and LED lighting options.