FAQ | Pumpkin Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions about America’s most beloved Pumpkin carving kits.

Are Pumpkin Masters® tools dishwasher safe?

They are not. Please hand-wash them with warm water and dish soap.

Can I get individual replacement parts?

Regrettably due to the large range of products Pumpkin Masters® manufacture we are unable to hold replacement parts for all items. Please advise us of the kit specifics, including the name of the kit as well as the shipping name & address. If a replacement is available we will advise and ship one to you.

Can I return or exchange a kit?

Should you need to return or exchange a Pumpkin Masters® kit for any reason, please take it back to the retailer in which the kit was purchased.

My kit is missing a part.

Please confirm the kit specifics, including the kit name along with shipping name & address. If the item is available we will send out a replacement kit to you.